Grace Abounds in the Deepest Water
16 Nov 2017
2:45 pm


Could it be that too often fear is at the heart of our faith, and the root cause of so much brokenness in the church? Without always being fully conscious of it, fear often becomes the starting point of our faith— fear of God, fear of hell, fear of who we are in relation to God, fear of ideas that conflict with our own, and even fear of getting it wrong. But what happens when we let go of our fear and decide to live a life that is Unafraid?
Join Benjamin L. Corey as he discusses his book, Unafraid: Moving Beyond Fear-Based Faith, and how choosing to embrace a faith that is unafraid has the power to not just change the way we see God’s story, the way we see ourselves, or the way we navigate our faith journeys, but has the power to change everything.