Grace Abounds in the Deepest Water
17 Nov 2017
9:00 am

When Church Hits the Streets… From Antioch to Tatoo Parlors

If every disciple is intended to be a missionary – then every church is intended to be a mission center. Over a half century ago, Dietrich Bonhoeffer suggested that the community of Christ was to be a collection of gospel seeds scattered in the world. The church then is at its best when we scatter and cultivate seed instead of just gathering the seed together. This session will explore a model of mission that finds it’s basis in the church at Antioch as a community of faith arose in that context that developed apart from the context of institutional religion (Jersualem). Through the lens of the fresh expressions movement, we will also look at how different expressions of church reach into different groups of people today to and the need for more varied expressions for the mission of God today.